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10 Restaurants You Can't Miss in Seattle Right Now

02-16-2017 | Food Republic

Seattle is home to a thrillingly vibrant and diverse dining scene, with new spots popping up all the time. And its prime location — the Emerald City is bordered by the Pacific Ocean and mountains galore — certainly helps, supplying local chefs with an abundance of top-notch meats, seafood and produce. Here are 10 buzzy restaurants you can’t miss during your next visit to Seattle.

Shaker + Spear After putting in her dues as the executive chef at Chateau Marmont for 10 years, Carolynn Spence ditched Los Angeles for Seattle. Now, at this charming, seafood-centric restaurant located adjacent to the hip Palladian Hotel, Spence continues to make her mark with her charred octopus with hazelnut romesco, crispy whole snapper with basil and lime, and beer-steamed clams. (If you’re a carnivore, go for the Taleggio, caramelized onion and aioli–topped Shaker Burger.) Cocktails change with the seasons and take cues from popular movies.

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The Best Restaurants for Every Budget in Seattle

02-13-2017 | Zagat Seattle

A Moderately Priced Date Night @ Shaker + Spear

Tucked into Downtown’s Palladian Hotel, this seafood-focused spot is perfect for date night. From the grilled prawns spiked with Old Bay butter to the whole grilled branzino, it’s a fun spot where "special" doesn’t break the bank.  

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Seriously Underrated Restaurants in Seattle, Mapped

02-07-2017 | Eater Seattle

Seattle's restaurant scene is hot stuff, with new establishments opening at an impressive clip. But what of the hidden gems, the neighborhood favorites that have long been making outstanding food without the praise showered on the shinier spots? ...they deserve more love. With that in mind, here's a map highlighting ten of Seattle's seriously underrated restaurants.

#7 Shaker + Spear

Chef Carolynn Spence has quietly transformed Shaker and Spear into a top-notch dining experience. Fresh seafood is the general focus here, with other local ingredients sharing center stage, and each preparation is straightforward yet perfectly executed. Add to this a strong cocktail program, and you have the makings of a well rounded, special meal.

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How to Throw a Very Merry Vegetarian Holiday Feast

12-08-2016 |

French Onion Galette With Gorgonzola & Truffle Apple Salad
Serves 4

"I love the play of the sweet and savory on this dish. The earthiness of truffle and warm onions come together with the nutty blue and gets cut through with peppery arugula and crisp apple." - Carolynn Spence, Executive Chef @ Shaker + Spear

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The NYLON Guide To Seattle

10-23-2016 | NYLON

The dimly-lit Pennyroyal bar is classic and cozy, perfect for grabbing a drink before taking in a show at the neighboring Moore Theater (also a historic landmark), and the downstairs restaurant Shaker + Spear (lowkey one of Seattle's better seafood restaurants).

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Chef's Favorite Camping Recipes

09-08-2016 | Food & Wine FWx

Rainier Beer Steamed Clams
Courtesy Executive Chef Carolynn Spence, Shaker + Spear (Seattle, WA)

Chef Spence on camping: Setting up camp somewhere between where the trees end and the water begins, building a fire under the stars, shut off from life's hamster wheel, heightens one's palate and appreciates one's company. Unless there's bears. Then... run. Fast.

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Seattle: The Four-Day Weekend

06-01-2016 |

Seattle's come a long way since its 1962 World's Fair. If the 10 million visitors who flocked to the Space Needle that year had any foresight, they'd have never left, as Seattle now offers every type of food, drink, and activity an inhabitant could possibly ask of an urban center.

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3 Exciting Seattle Chef Shake-Ups

03-30-2016 |

Keeping on top of the ever-changing world of restaurants in Seattle is a tough job. New spots open just as fast as others stall or close.

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3 Places to Try in Seattle This Weekend

03-25-2016 | Eater Seattle

Rockstar chef Carolynn Spence has landed at Shaker + Spear in Belltown's trendy Palladian Hotel. But this feels so much more like a place for locals than a hotel restaurant, thanks to a small, warm space and a menu with local inflections.

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This week in restaurant news

03-07-2016 | Seattle Met Nosh Pit

Carolynn Spence at Shaker and Spear-
Coming straight from Chateau Marmont, where she spent 10 years as executive chef, Spence is now leading the kitchen at the Belltown’s coastal seafood restaurant where she has already created new menus.

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5 food news bites

03-03-2016 | The Seattle Times

After just over a year, Belltown’s Shaker + Spear has netted a great-sounding new chef: Carolynn Spence from L.A.’s Chateau Marmont, and, prior to that, New York’s The Spotted Pig and assorted other impressive places.

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6 Under the Radar Seattle Restaurants

11-09-2015 |

Hardly a day goes by without the announcement of a new bar or restaurant in Seattle, and it’s difficult to keep track of them all. But sometimes the best spots are the ones that fly under the radar, restaurants that have less hype but more substance. Here are six that you might've missed but are definitely deserving of your attention.

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Sip-Cations in Seattle: Book It to these Top Hotel Bars

09-05-2015 | The Daily Meal

The throngs of tourists at Pike Place Market are thinning out. Cruise ships along Elliot Bay are taking the season’s last jaunts to Alaska. With the summer winding down, prime vacation time is wrapping up in Seattle. While we’ll miss the endless days of summer, there is something to cheer about: Seattlites get our hotel bars back.

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Go Green With Pistachio Cocktails

05-18-2015 |

Like fortified wines? Toss some chopped pistachios into a bottle of Oloroso sherry and let the pair mingle. Then, try the result in the EVOL at Shaker + Spear in Seattle. Just add bourbon and bitters for a delightful, mildly nutty drink.

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Grazers: Shaker + Spear

05-15-2015 | SipNW

Although seafood-inclined, the menu shows breadth, with seasonal and local reigning most prevalent and relevant.

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10 Seattle Hot Spots to Welcome You Once You've Cruised into Town

05-13-2015 |

On-site culinary gem Shaker + Spear (which seats 65 and has a 12-person bar) features a seafood-centric menu paired with fresh, regional ingredients; items include Northwest favorites like a market fresh omelet, Penn Cove mussel chowder, salmon pastrami and cod suppli served alongside a parsley herb salad.

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