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6 Things You Didn't Know About The Mudslide

12-23-2019 |

Kimpton Palladian Hotel, Seattle | Transcendent Harmony

08-23-2019 | The Hedonist

The hotel’s restaurant, Shaker + Spear, is the real deal. No wonder this establishment is loved by many locals, and whether you are a guest of the hotel or not, to experience this place is simply a must.

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Breakfast flexes its mussels

07-22-2019 | Nation’s Restaurant News

Raw oysters with mignonette and celery and steamed clams are among the many seafood dishes on the brunch menu at Shaker & Spear in Seattle, but executive chef Carolynn Spence’s favorite is the salt cod beignets.

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Where to Eat and Drink June 26–July 2

06-26-2019 | Seattle Met

Break out your Sunday best to celebrate the famed Italian cocktail that not only gets its own week, but a whole damn fountain too. The Kimpton Palladian is rolling out the red carpet for the return of Negroni Week...

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31 Memorial Day Cocktail Recipes To Make For Your Summer BBQ

05-22-2019 | Town & Country

Day at the Beach By Travis Sanders of Shaker & Spear in Seattle

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Where to Eat Near the Washington State Convention Center In Seattle

05-21-2019 | Eater Seattle

Chef Carolynn Spence has come up with an enthusiastic menu for her fish house in the ground floor of the Palladian Hotel.

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Cheap Wine Brands That Are so Delicious, They'll Fool Any Wine Snob

05-14-2019 | O: The Oprah Magazine

To impress dinner party guests with something a little different, pick up a bottle of this wine, says Susann Crunden, assistant general manager at Shaker + Spear in Seattle.

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Best brunch spots for Mother's Day in every state

05-08-2019 | USA Today

Specializing in "coastal seafood in Seattle," Shaker and Spear adds unusual brunch fare (salt cod beignets, smoked trout rillettes, steamed clams with fennel sausage) to more expected choices like blueberry lemon ricotta pancakes, mushroom and herb omelette and Dungeness crab cake Benedict.

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Best Brunch Spots to Take Your Mom in Every State

05-07-2019 | MSN

Specializing in "coastal seafood in Seattle," Shaker and Spear adds unusual brunch fare (salt cod beignets, smoked trout rillettes, steamed clams with fennel sausage) to more expected choices like blueberry lemon ricotta pancakes, mushroom and herb omelette, and Dungeness crab cake Benedict.

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The Best Fancy Restaurants In Seattle, Washington

04-24-2019 | Trip101

Shaker + Spear is the premier destination for modern seafood within Seattle’s stellar restaurant scene.

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Great Restaurants For Graduation Dinners

04-01-2019 | The Infatuation

Yes, it’s a hotel restaurant, but Shaker and Spear is also an ideal graduation option (and if your visitors are staying in the hotel, so much the better).

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Are these trending Seattle restaurants on your radar?

03-28-2019 | Hoodline

Belltown's popular Shaker and Spear is currently on the upswing in the seafood category on Yelp.

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What’s Trending in F&B? Bold Flavors and Creative Sips

02-14-2019 | Hotel Business

“At Shaker + Spear in Seattle, the team sources beer that are all locally made—local hops, local yeast, local everything. This helps cut back on vehicle emissions (black diesel smoke) during transport. They also use and source local wines in keg form to reduce waste from bottles, labels and which saves cork oak, which is currently going extinct,”

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Party of One: Restaurants for Solo Dining on Valentine’s Day

02-13-2019 | OpenTable Blog

Singletons should request a seat at the chef’s counter. There’s an unfettered view of the open kitchen and the opportunity to chat up the crew. Nosh on an array of small plates, like salt cod beignets, Dungeness crab and sunchoke dip, and grilled prawns with chorizo aioli, while reveling in the fact that you don’t have to share.

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Farm To Table: Dungeness Crab

12-19-2018 | 1889 Magazine

“Dungeness is quite versatile. If I’m at home, I snack on it cold. Crack at it, with some cocktail sauce and salt-and-pepper potato chips,” chef Carolynn Spence of Seattle’s Shaker + Spear, explained. “At the restaurant, we constantly change it up.” The number one brunch seller at the bustling downtown venue? The Dungeness crab cake benedict with ham and avocado.

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Dutch Baby Pancakes

12-15-2018 | Wine Enthusiast

At Shaker + Spear, Spence serves refined comfort food that’s largely sourced from just around the block at Pike Place Market. The Dutch baby pancake is believed to have been invented in Seattle, inspired by the German pfannkuchen.

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Where to Dine Out for Thanksgiving Dinner

11-12-2018 | Seattle Met

This coastal seafood outpost takes to the land with turkey roasted in butter and thyme. To make it even cozier you can throw in a piping mug of mulled wine.

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Where to Eat on Thanksgiving Day

11-09-2018 | Eater Seattle

The Kimpton Palladian’s sharp downtown restaurant typically focuses on PNW seafood, so diners can still get their fill of scallops and charred octopus on November 22, but for Thanksgiving there’s also a special plate of brown butter-roasted turkey with cranberry sauce, stuffing, and mashed potatoes. Mulled wine, a frozen Scotch sour, and ginger snap pumpkin pie round out the special offerings for the holiday.

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The Best Bars In Belltown

11-06-2018 | The Infatuation

Pennyroyal is a hotel bar we really like. It’s a little small, but if you can grab a purple velvet booth or a spot at the counter, it’s worth it for the highly complicated (but delicious) cocktails and the bar snacks from Shaker + Spear.

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The Dinner & A Movie Guide

09-20-2018 | The Infatuation

Shaker + Spear is a good place for a serious date if you plan on adorably rubbing noses together instead of actually watching the film. You could keep things relatively simple here by sharing cocktails and upscale bar snacks like fried sausage-wrapped olives and bruleed mac and cheese, or split a bottle of wine and a piece of fish or steak. Save room for the chocolate popcorn at Cinerama, though.

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The 7 Rules for Perfectly Grilled Pizza

07-16-2018 | Food & Wine

In the hottest days of summer, the last thing you want to do is turn on the oven and overheat your kitchen. So when you're craving homemade pizza, your best bet is to fire up the grill. 

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11 Lavender Cocktails to Sip This Season

06-14-2018 | OpenTable Blog

Pennyroyal, the bar portion of Shaker + Spear, features a Spanish-style Gin + Tonic menu that pairs gin with housemade tonics. Displayed in a larger bowl glass to showcase cocktail’s aromas and colors, this cocktail is made with Batch 206 gin, tonic syrup, club soda, cucumber, and lavender.

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Great Restaurants For Graduation Dinners

05-14-2018 | The Infatuation

Yes, it’s a hotel restaurant, but Shaker and Spear is also an ideal graduation option (and if your visitors are staying in the hotel, so much the better). There space is really attractive, the seafood is great, and the staff is super friendly.

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The Best Bars In Belltown

04-19-2018 | The Infatuation

Pennyroyal is a hotel bar we really like. It’s a little small, but if you can grab a purple velvet booth or a spot at the counter, it’s worth it for the highly complicated (but delicious) cocktails and the bar snacks from Shaker + Spear.

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Seattle Hotels With Destination-Worthy Restaurants

03-20-2018 | Fodor

Forget about tourist-trap hotel restaurants. Shaker + Spear is the real deal, from the design--varying wood tones and textures, exposed brick, and an expansive bank of tall windows--to the seasonal menu that’s focused on seafood and local ingredients. Don’t miss the charred octopus with hazelnut romesco--it’s divine! The restaurant also features a good wine list and an au courant cocktail menu (sherry is the current star).

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03-05-2018 | Flavor & the Menu

Thanks to that ever-loving combination of crispy, salty and fatty, fried seafood has always been a thing. Today, the opportunity looks beyond the beloved popcorn shrimp and fried calamari, creating singular experiences that still answer that primal call for craveability.

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Our expert guides to Seattle, Chicago and Austin

02-04-2018 | The Times

24 Hours in Seattle, Washington

02-02-2018 | Travel Channel

With richly detailed dishes and a neighborly atmosphere, this is where you want to go for dinner. Peer into the open kitchen as Executive Chef Carolynn Spence puts a distinct polish on casual comfort food and oceanic fare. Creating a menu with seasonal fish and shellfish along with a bounty of local ingredients, the burgers and pasta are as appealing as the refined seafood options.

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The One-Two Punch: A Date Night Dinner & Drinks Guide

01-25-2018 | The Infatuation

Shaker and Spear is a hotel restaurant that’s actually good, with everything from upscale bar snacks (get the fried scotch olives or spicy chips and yogurt dip) to pasta to a nice piece of fish. Plus there’s wine on tap. Trust us, you’ll like it.

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Sophisticated in Seattle

12-15-2017 |

Exposed brick, tufted leather banquettes and smoked-glass pendant lights create a posh ambience - it's also a prime spot for people watching, both inside and outside on the streets. Of course, the focus is on the food and Executive Chef Carolynn Spence specializes in a unique take on casual comfort food and oceanic fare.

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Eats Shoots and Leaves: Vegetable Leaves Are on the Menu

11-27-2017 | OpenTable Blog

This dish offers comfort to the core. Cippolini onions, peas, roasted baby carrots, and green pea dumplings bob in the chicken-fortified broth, while chicken skin cracklins and fried carrot tops add crunch. Not exactly how mom used to make it, but it’s just as heartwarming.

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35 Hotels With Food Worth Staying In For

11-18-2017 | Newsweek

Dining in your hotel throughout an entire vacation was once gauche, as far as most well-heeled travelers are concerned.

Here are a few of our favorite hotel-food offerings at home and abroad.

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The 5 Ws of Kola Nut

10-01-2017 | Hemispheres

Kola is proving exceptionally versatile beyond the bar. At Seattle's Shaker + Spear, executive chef Carolynn Spence simmers the nuts in cream and sugar to create the custard for a pomelo-infused creme caramel.

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The Best Seattle Restaurants For Date Night

09-24-2017 | The Infatuation

Shaker and Spear does small plates and seafood in a nice room with an incredibly friendly staff. It’s perfect for when you’re not quite sure where you want the night to go. If you want to call it a day after splitting some seafood and wine on tap, not a problem.

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Eating around Emerald City: Where to dine in Seattle

09-21-2017 | Austin American-Statesman

The hotel’s restaurant, Shaker + Spear, helmed by Chateau Marmont veteran chef Carolynn Spence, features Pacific Northwest seafood bistro fare like seared scallops, rockfish and rock shrimp with squid ink gnocchi, grilled branzino and charred octopus; the adjacent Pennyroyal Bar serves up well-executed classic cocktails and beer to hotel guests and locals alike.

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GUIDE: Where To Have Your Birthday Dinner

08-23-2017 | The Infatuation

Going to Shaker + Spear is like eating inside a Crate & Barrel, they have great seafood, and they also may have the nicest staff ever. And they’re all very well-dressed. Call ahead and reserve the large round table for eight, order some parmesan truffle fries, charred brussels sprouts, prawns with old bay butter, and bruleed mac and cheese. When you’re done, keep the party going with cocktails at Pennyroyal next door, or at Some Random Bar two blocks down. Or both. Because it’s your birthday.

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Seriously Underrated Restaurants in Seattle, Mapped

08-01-2017 | Eater Seattle

Chef Carolynn Spence has quietly transformed Shaker and Spear into a top-notch dining experience. Fresh seafood is the general focus here, with other local ingredients sharing center stage, and each preparation is straightforward yet perfectly executed. Add to this a strong cocktail program, and there are the makings of a well-rounded, special meal.

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GUIDE: Seattle’s Best Restaurants For Dinner With The Parents

07-13-2017 | The Infatuation

Shaker + Spear feels like eating inside a designer furniture showroom with the lights dimmed low. It’s a little bit swanky, but you could still wear jeans and a concert tee if you really wanted. The service is excellent, there’s a big round table you can book if the whole family is around, and they serve a solid lineup of small plates (get the bruleed mac and cheese) and seafood, plus wine on tap.

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Shaker + Spear's Wine-Friendly Galette is a Dinner Party Hit

07-07-2017 | Seattle Magazine

Recipe of the Week: French onion galette with truffle apple salad.

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Sleepless in Seattle

06-04-2017 | Poppy Loves

Each day began with breakfast in the hotel restaurant – Shaker and Spear. I’d sip my coffee, catch up on the news and my emails before heading out into the city with my phone, my camera and my little legs for walking. Just like I do in London…

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Kimpton Palladian Hotel in Seattle

05-31-2017 |

Shaker and Spear is the on-site restaurant and it is where the food served in the PennyRoyal bar comes from. I was lucky enough to have dinner in here with the Volkswagen team when we were there driving the Golf Alltrack. Everything we had was wonderful.

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05-23-2017 |

Lead bartender Benjamin Harris sought a lighter, more effervescent version of the Negroni for his spring menu. This one uses St. George Spirits Bruto Americano aperitivo, the California craft distiller’s homage to Campari, and reposado tequila, which he calls rounder and more mellow than gin. “Bittermens hopped grapefruit bitters [give] a bright and floral note and, of course, bubbles. My favorite aperitivo drinks always have bubbles!

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Where to Stay in Seattle: The Kimpton Palladian Hotel

05-18-2017 | LMents of Style

We ordered food from Shaker and Spear + drinks from Pennyroyal. All I can say is get the parmesan truffle fries! I can't remember which drink I got, but it was yummy! Nick had a classic old fashioned.

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The US: Seattle Neighbourhoods

05-03-2017 | Travel Weekly

Don’t miss its superb Shaker & Spear restaurant, which serves up ambrosial farm-to-table creations with a focus on simple presentation, using locally sourced and organic ingredients.

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10 Restaurants You Can't Miss in Seattle Right Now

02-16-2017 | Food Republic

Seattle is home to a thrillingly vibrant and diverse dining scene, with new spots popping up all the time. And its prime location — the Emerald City is bordered by the Pacific Ocean and mountains galore — certainly helps, supplying local chefs with an abundance of top-notch meats, seafood and produce. Here are 10 buzzy restaurants you can’t miss during your next visit to Seattle.

Shaker + Spear After putting in her dues as the executive chef at Chateau Marmont for 10 years, Carolynn Spence ditched Los Angeles for Seattle. Now, at this charming, seafood-centric restaurant located adjacent to the hip Palladian Hotel, Spence continues to make her mark with her charred octopus with hazelnut romesco, crispy whole snapper with basil and lime, and beer-steamed clams. (If you’re a carnivore, go for the Taleggio, caramelized onion and aioli–topped Shaker Burger.) Cocktails change with the seasons and take cues from popular movies.

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The Best Restaurants for Every Budget in Seattle

02-13-2017 | Zagat Seattle

Seriously Underrated Restaurants in Seattle, Mapped

02-07-2017 | Eater Seattle

How to Throw a Very Merry Vegetarian Holiday Feast

12-08-2016 |

The NYLON Guide To Seattle

10-23-2016 | NYLON

3 Exciting Seattle Chef Shake-Ups

03-30-2016 |

3 Places to Try in Seattle This Weekend

03-25-2016 | Eater Seattle